In our very first collaboration this candle encompasses the sweetness and depth of feminine energy.  It is warm and bubbly and makes you feel good inside ;)


Haven is a hub for all things self care in our hometown of Camarillo.  It is a salon and offers so much more than hair updates.  The girls there have soul and make you feel good whenever you are around them.  This candle reflects that energy and is filled with love and calm energy.


Featuring a mix of blood orange, notes of sweet honey (don't worry guys it's vegan!), and a zinger of lime it lifts your spirits and has a scent throw that fills the room even when it isn't lit.  


Infused with rose quartz for a vibration of unconditional love and fluorite to refocus you and wipe that stress away.  We literally cannot keep these on the shelf.


4.5 ounces


Also available in a 12.5 ounce version.


These candles are made with sustainably sourced materials including plant based coconut wax and made in California <3 

Opal & Herb X Haven