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A photo of the company founder and her son

Meet me, Shanacie

In 2014, before becoming a mother, I began on my crystal journey and launched Awakn LA.  I was fascinated by crystal energy, their healing properties and would share them with everyone.  I did pop-up shops worldwide and hosted markets just to be able to talk to people about them.


When I became a mother in 2016 my personal passions took a pause, rightfully so <3.  To be completely honest my parenting journey has not been an easy one.  In 2018 my son's dad, Navid and Navid's mother Floria, passed away in an awful accident.  It is this event that forced me to find my passions again, to make some good in this world and to heal.  The desire to help others heal led me to become a certified Reiki Master Teacher and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practicioner.  I put reiki energy into all of the product that I offer.  I am on a quest to connect to a higher level of being through meditation, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, and vibrational sound therapy - not just for myself but for my son, so he will always be able to connect to his dad.  I've wanted to open The Oneness Space for years and with the way the world has been it truly took that long. I'm happy to say The Oneness Space is now open on my family's 10 acre ranch in Santa Rosa Valley.  It is limited to workshops and events right now with a private healing studio coming later this year.

All of my products are from my heart to yours.  Each one unique in its own way and with focus on raising the vibration with every use. 


I use natural, non-toxic, sustainably sourced materials.

As always, if you need help with anything please contact us for assistance.

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