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Welcome to a winter wonderland encapsulated in this candle, delicately scented with the ethereal essence of cloudberry and the comforting notes of balsam.


Embrace the aroma as it fills your space with the  sweetness of cloudberry, reminiscent of winter's crisp air. Let the soothing whispers of balsam weave a cozy, familiar embrace, evoking the essence of a snowy forest.


Crafted with natural ingredients, this candle embodies the spirit of the season.  Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend, creating an ambiance that celebrates the season's tranquility and joy.


Infused with celestite, this candle brings a sense of serenity and divine connection to your space.


12.5 ounces 70 hour burn time

Coconut Wax


Cotton Wick

Reiki Infused

Cloudberry + Balsam

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