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Pink Danburite - 

Angelic, communication, channeling, interdimensional travel, peace, freedom from stress Heart, Crown , Transpersonal and Etheric Chakras "Anyone who wants to evolve spiritually can benefit from exposure to Danburite.  It is a gentle and powerful aid to uplift one's awareness to the higher spiritual vibrations.  Danburite clears and opens the crown chakra, linking and harmonizing it with the heart.  It facilitates communication with spiritual entities other than angels." - Robert Simmons


Rose Quartz - Rose quartz is the classic stone of love. It helps dissolve old hurts and open the heart to trust in love and have faith in the benevolence of the Universe. It has a melting effect on mistrust and suspicion, and reawakens the heart chakra to abundance of love available to it. It is a great stone to place in your home or workplace to increase the vibration of harmony and love in the environment.


Strawberry Quartz - Strawberry Quartz shares the same healing properties as Clear Quartz with the additional focus on Universal Love! Its calming, soothing energy is derived from its connection to the Heart Chakra. It opens, activates and stimulates the Heart Chakra giving us a heart centered awareness and a high vibration that radiates love and happiness. Strawberry Quartz helps us to release our negative emotions and patterns returning us to harmony and balance.

Pocket Stones - Love

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