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Raw Namibian Citrine - Imagination, Clarity, Manifestation To manifest your dreams, you first need to know what they are. By activating both your imagination and your will, citrine helps you clearly envision what you want, and then gives you the persistence to see it through.


Copper - The giver of goodness and positivity and the bringer of good luck. An excellent amplifier of energies. It can attract money, prosperity, and abundance. It will encourage you to take more initiative in your financial pursuits. It will sharpen your intuition so that you will know how you should proceed when facing a crossroad. Copper is known as the “love metal” because it will help you open up to love energies and attract what is in your current vibration.


Mini Quartz Cluster - Clear quartz crystal is the most useful and versatile of gemstones for metaphysical work. It has the unique property of being "programmable", meaning you can infuse it with your intention and then it will amplify it, working on your behalf to manifest it in the world. It also acts to amplify the energies of any other stone you are working with.

Pocket Stones - Abundance

$18.00 Regular Price
$13.50Sale Price
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