Please note the new colorway for this candle is now rust with a natural Namibian Citrine point - a very powerful crystal.  There is also a 5 oz. option that comes in a cream colored tin with a lid.


Abundance in love, money and kindness.  This time of year reminds us of all that we have and all that we can give.  Citrine is a powerful stone to heighten abundance as a way of life.  Filling your heart and altering your mindset to attract wealth and love.


This heavenly scent is a favorite of ours, Vanilla and Orchid with notes of Amber and Sandalwood.  Filling the air with warmth and thoughts of togetherness.  


Reiki Holy Fire Infused


12.5 oz. 70 hour burn time

5 oz. 30+ hour burn time


Coconut Wax


Hand Poured